Fabiola Yañez received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19

According to reports, the first lady received a dose of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm that uses a platform inactivated virus.

Pregnant or lactating people were added to the vaccination plan on June 15 due to the increase in cases of coronavirus and the evidence of vaccine safety.

Fabiola Yañez

Instagram Fabiola Yañez

A study of the NHS England determined that pregnant women who develop Covid-19 symptoms are at increased risk of complications and urged vaccination to minimize risks.

The Presidential Medical Unit confirmed the pregnancy of the first lady on September 23 when she was in her tenth week of gestation, after almost a month of rumors that began from a photo in which Yañez touched her belly.

The baby expected to be born in April of next year will be the first child of the presidential couple. Alberto Fernández is already the father of Tani, 26, the result of his marriage to Marcela Luchetti, whom he divorced in 2005.

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