What's new on Facebook: Live Audio Rooms.

Although it seemed that the Clubhouse effect had been weakened by use and repetition, Facebook announced the global launch of a feature that it was testing in the United States and allows its users to listen to live conversations without leaving the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg-owned firm expanded feature Live Audio Rooms beyond the United States, where it has been present since June of this year.

The new Facebook tool joins the recent efforts of Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Spotify or Reddit. Each one claims to offer something different from the rest, but they basically point to the same thing.

In this case, it is not a public chat room where you can make group audio calls, but rather is geared more for personalities, creators and groups who want to connect with their community.

What’s new on Facebook: Live Audio Rooms.

The idea is that those interested can listen and participate in related topics in a room where one or more moderators predominate. Similarly, Facebook groups will also be able to create live audio rooms to chat with each other.

This feature is currently limited to a few users and devices. The social network plans to extend multi-platform support in the future. Initially, Facebook intends to direct the audio rooms towards Android and the desktop version.

Currently, they are testing the option of create a room from your mobile and that users can listen to it from the desktop application so that they are not tied to a machine.

For now, the desktop version of Facebook will only allow you to listen to the conversations in the rooms, leaving their creation exclusively available for the official application for mobile devices.

The idea in the future is for any user to have the ability to join multiple rooms, be they groups, public figures or creators.

Live Audio Rooms are another means of communication within the platform, where although it is limited to users who have a verification, the short-term intention is to open them up to more participants. What many fear is that this system can further maximize the problems present in the social network.

New tools

In addition to its Clubhouse clone, Facebook plans to add more audio-based features to achieve a range of possibilities.

One will be called Soundbites and will consist of short audio clips that users can record and post in your feed. According to the social network, it will be a tool designed to share “anecdotes, jokes, moments of inspiration or poems.”

However, the most attractive ad is related to podcasts. Coming soon, Facebook will allow you to search and listen to podcasts directly from your application, both while it is open and when it is running in the background.

In this way, users will not depend on external services to listen to new episodes of their favorite shows. Podcasts will be available from the profiles or fan pages of their creators, and the social network will offer recommendations based on users’ listening habits.


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