Failed "killer" Outlander and Kodiaq left the Russian car market - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

It would seem that the Russian market is ready to “digest” any number of models of the SUV segment, and even in the period of a shortage of cars and huge overpayments, Russians are ready to sweep away all crossovers from car dealerships. But practice shows that in this situation, too, there are those who derive the maximum benefit, and those who have lost the competition anyway.

The latter include the front-wheel drive crossover GAC GS5. In about a year, an ambitious Chinese company was able to sell less than 200 cars on the market in our market – usually so many are brought to Russia in one batch. Apparently, it is coming to an end, and there may not be a new delivery.

– This model is economically disadvantageous for the company. She only makes money from selling expensive models. In fact, only thanks to the GAC GS8. Therefore, they decided to simply leave segment C, – the site quotes the words of an informed source “Chinese cars“.

The publication claims that dealers could have only a few copies of the model, which the Chinese predicted a year ago as the “killers” of Mitsubishi Outlander, Skoda Kodiaq and Toyota RAV4. However, a large car with an uncontested 137-horsepower turbo engine and front-wheel drive at a price of 1,658,900 to 2,026,900 rubles could not qualify for high demand. Which was eventually confirmed. Already in September, sales were not recorded in the statistics.

At the moment, GAC Motor offers the first generation GS8 crossovers and GN8 minivans in Russia. Both cars are in the top 3 most dear “Chinese” in our market.

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