Failure at Lufthansa forces to cancel more than 100 flights | Aviation

A global failure in Lufthansa’s information technology (IT) system led to the cancellation, according to Reuters, of around 120 flights connecting to Frankfurt airport, in Germany, since 7:00 am this Wednesday, and left thousands on the ground of passengers.

The German airline blamed underground engineering work at a train station in Frankfurt, which led to the cutting of several fiber optic cables.

On the ANA – Aeroportos website it is possible to see that at least two Lufthansa planes, scheduled to land in Lisbon and Porto at 11:35 am this Wednesday, and originating in Frankfurt, were cancelled, as was the one that was scheduled to leave around an hour past the national airports to this German city. At the moment, the arrivals of Lufthansa flights to Lisbon and Porto at 15:25 are maintained.

The repair, according to Reuters, should last until the end of this Wednesday afternoon, a period from which Lufthansa expects operations to stabilize.

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