Faith Klan returns home to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Guanajuato.- Santa Fe Klan became a trend this morning by going to Guanajuato capital to receive the vaccine for COVID-19.

With this, the musician called on his fans and young people to receive the biological, and with it, to be able to strengthen themselves to be able to be together soon in their shows.

I greet all the health personnel of Guanajuato, from Ángel Quezada, La Santa, a hug from the entire Guanajuato band, ”he said in a short video.

Santa Fe Clan. Photo. Facebook

Accompanied by an entourage of followers, and his team, Ángel came with a handkerchief in his mouth as a mask, dressed in a way that he usually uses with a cholo shirt and baggy pants.

Santa Fe sends regards to his band. Photo: Capture

Santa Fe will arrive in León

Ángel Quezada announced through his social networks, the start of his “Vida Mala” tour. The concert will take place this November 27 at 9 pm; tickets will go on sale soon.

With several record productions to his credit, including “Por custom”, “We continue radicando” and “Blessed”, Santa Fe Klan stands as one of the greatest exponents of rap and hip hop in Mexico.

Santa Fe Clan. Photo: Facebook

To date, it has successes such as: “Several Dawn”, “Already Made a Custom”, “A Loco Loco”, “Prohibited” and “Silence in the Alley”, among many others.

All these themes have the character of urban hymns throughout the Mexican Republic.

Santa Fe Klan was born in Guanajuato, his first recording was at the age of 13. His artistic name comes from the Santa Fe neighborhood, in the capital of Guanajuato, because the community life of his neighborhood was decisive in the development of his musical career.

Santa Fe Klan Photo: Facebook

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