Falcon rented to deal drugs was handed over to the Air Force | Portuguese Air Force

The Falcon 900 that landed last Thursday, February 23rd, at the Trânsito Airfield No. 1, in Portela, and which will reinforce Squadron 504 – “Linces”, from Air Base No. in drug trafficking and was handed over to the State following a debt of 4.8 million euros from the company OMNI, owner of the aircraft, to Parvalorem.

Parvalorem was created to keep BPN’s toxic assets.

In a statement, the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) explains that “this new aircraft increases the Air Force’s strategic transport capacity in missions to transport patients over long distances”.

“The aircraft now received is in the operational readiness phase, and it is expected that it will soon begin to be operated by the Linces”, underlines the FAP.

The fleet of Esquadra 504 aircraft, explains the FAP in the statement, was equipped only “with Falcon 50, in service with the Air Force for over 30 years and responsible for various transport missions, of which the transport of patients and organs for transplantation”.

It should be remembered that the Falcons are also at the service of high figures in the State, such as the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.

According to CNN, the delivery of the aircraft was made after an agreement between the State and OMNI, and the Falcon 900 was immediately assigned to the Air Force.

CNN refers that the remaining amounts that OMNI still owes Parvalorem will be paid within the agreed payment plan, which has been fulfilled so far.

This plane was also involved in drug trafficking. It is the same Falcon where the Federal Police of Brazil seized half a ton of cocaine in February 2021.

On board the plane was João Loureiro, former president of Boavista, who was preparing to travel from the city of Salvador da Baía to Portugal, whose involvement in the case was ruled out by the authorities.

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