Family Constellations at the service of our well-being

They came from the hand of Bert Hellinger, un German theologian, pedagogue, philosopher and therapist. From their beginnings until today, they have had multiple transformations that made them evolve towards increasingly higher states of consciousness, thus reflecting the search that as human beings we are reaching at this time, both personally and collectively.

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Akashic constellations

The Family Constellations They provide us with information about what drives our decisions and our entire existence from dimensions that we do not recognize “at first glance”. They enable us to be more and more free and available to achieve our fulfillment in all those personal areas and also in our spiritual development.

The Constellations, the systemic exercises and the interventions that are carried out are at the service of peace in our lives and with Life.

Know them Orders of Love -As part of the philosophical scaffolding of FC-, it allows us to circulate love in all its aspects in our life, and to display the harmonious functioning of our relationships: between parents and children; between brothers; with partner; regarding health and illness; in reference to work or profession; with the economy; with success …

These Orders are universal patterns that govern human relationships and are applicable to all, since they transcend any religious, philosophical, cultural, social difference …

When any of them are not respected, conflicts, delays, blockages, obstacles and difficulties emerge that make it impossible to flow towards abundance and the good life.

Since we are born we are part of a system of family relationships. We belong to a primary system along with our parents and siblings, if any. We are also part of a larger system, which is called ‘extended family’. It is made up of uncles and cousins, among others. In this way we are being part of increasingly extensive systems: educational, labor, social, generational, collective… Everything that we are capable of ordering in relation to our family of origin is what will later spread and permeate the relationships that we build later.

All our relationships are going to be traversed and conditioned by the orders and disorders that we still keep inside of us. As we order something in particular, at the same time other issues begin to unravel, since everything within us is related and influenced by each other, even though it is unknown to our conscience.

The Constellations bring to light the information that we need to raise awareness about our personal history and about the “invisible inheritance” that we receive from our ancestors. And they reveal to us through movements and images the implications that we maintain with them. For example, we can be involved with their difficult destinies, painful experiences, traumatic situations, unrealized grief, unrequited love, unfinished relationships …

This knowledge of “Pending” or “not resolved” Finding us with ancestral memory is one of the keys to understanding the information that passes through us and leads us to live certain experiences, regardless of our choice.

Through the Constellations we can clear our own path and dare to take those steps that bring us closer to new possibilities to live in harmony and in tune with ourselves, with others and with life.

Family Constellator for Editorials Khan.

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