FAPEO denounces a vaccination form distributed in schools, ONE defends itself

The Federation of Official’s Parents’ Associations (FAPEO) denounced a form that the Birth and Childhood Office (ONE) had distributed to official Brussels schools in order to increase the vaccination rate of children from over 12 years old.

According to the organization, the form goes far beyond the fact-finding mission that should have been its own, since parents are asked in particular to justify, if necessary, the non-choice of vaccination of their child.

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For the FAPEO, which denounced this letter to Caroline Désir (PS) and Childhood Bénédicte Linard (Ecolo) – which exercises supervision over ONE-, such a question violates respect for private life and puts parents under pressure.

She also wonders how the parents who do not master French will have understood this communication.

“Informed consent”

FAPEO recalls that the communication campaign authorized in Brussels schools aimed to bring children and parents to be able to freely decide on vaccination, according to the established principle of “informed consent“.

The objective of this information campaign was to present the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination to those concerned.

FAPEO recalls that the communication authorized by the authorities was intended to inform parents that the individual benefits of vaccination for their child are low, but that it is recommended to protect other members of the community from a serious form of covid. . And this without ignoring the fact that the serious side effects of a vaccination, even if they are very rare, are still possible.

“Free choice” ONE insists

On the ONE side, we maintain that it is a “simple consent form for parents to give their permission or not” for their minor children. And, faced with the controversy, Anne-Claire Henry, ONE crisis manager insists: “There is no obligation to complete this form, return it or not. The objective, at the request of Cocom, is to be able to compile all the data related to vaccination to extract the main trends, to know why some parents do not want to see their children vaccinated … of course if they want to explain it. , that remains their right and their choice “.

And to explain that this is what is done as part of the usual vaccination in schools (tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria etc.): “The objective is to better understand, to better raise awareness, to provide better information, depending on the reservations expressed, with a view to ultimately increasing vaccination coverage. But this remains their fundamental right to refuse vaccination and there is no ‘there is no will on our part to discriminate between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

ONE which also replies to FAPEO that, for a good understanding of parents, the form has been distributed in the Brussels Region in 11 different languages ​​…

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