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From the point of view of the former American president, the problem is not that there are not enough social networks in the world, but that social networks limit his manifestations (mainly due to incitement to violence). Twitter suspended his account in January this year, similarly, the ex-president lost profiles on Facebook, Instagram and other networks. Facebook said in June that it would leave its accounts suspended two more years.

Donald Trump defends itself in two ways. He complains about Twitter, but also Google and Facebook. And through Trump Media & Technology Group, a company founded in February this year, launches its own social network. His name is Truth Social and presents itself as a place for free discussion “without discrimination against political ideology.”

For now, you can only sign up for the waiting list. The soft launch for the invitees will take place in November, with Truth Social opening its doors to the general public in 2022. Liz Harrington, a spokesman for the president, quotes Trump as saying on Twitter.postavit tyranii technogigantů“. (Harrington names Trump president, but ceased to hold office on January 20, 2021, when he was replaced by Joe Biden.)

Journalist Thalen managed to create a fake Trump account on the Truth network. The network didn’t mind, although the registration wasn’t supposed to work yet

At the beginning of May, the controversial personality launched his own blog From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, on which he published his opinions. But he did not get enough attention and after only a month he was operation terminated. Truth Social will also involve the public and de facto This is a Twitter clone. Place tweets you add truths, place pronunciation you perform re-truths.

Source code theft

But Truth doesn’t just copy Twitter, from which she took the basic concept of operation. (Similar forms of imitation are common, though perhaps not to such an extent.) But Trump’s firm almost certainly robbed the social network Mastodon. So, we have to explain the use of such an expression.

Mastodon is open source, so anyone can take the code and build their social network under the terms of the license (ie AGPL 3.0). In particular, it concerns release of source code and its modificationsas for a magazine Motherboard pointed out Eugen Rochko, founder and main developer of Mastodon. The problem is that Truth Social did not release any codes.

Click for larger imageThis is what Mastodon looks like. Truth looks like a Mastodon even in detail

The terms of use of the service state that, unless otherwise stated, the complete content of the website, database, source code, etc. are privately owned by the operator, or the operator has licensed the content. Eugen Rochko then claims that he is convinced of the establishment of the Truth platform on Mastodon, albeit only on the basis of the photographs he has seen.

On one of them, where Truth reports an error message, he still does finds the Mastodon logo, which Trump’s company apparently forgot to remove. But the form is really striking, just compare, for example, my film Mastodon in light mode with a film published by a journalist Mikaelem Thalenem. Even the label of the button to add a post in both cases ends with an exclamation mark.

Another Twitter user with a nickname Glen In addition, he later noticed that Mastodon is still mentioned in the source code Truth Social registration page. Most likely, Truth violates Mastodon’s terms. Rochko will seek legal advice and consider possible steps, he said TPM.

Hypocrisy in terms of using Truth

Shortly after the announcement and the launch of the waiting list, some decided to subject Truth to other tests. First of all to some people managed to create an account on the network, although it has not yet been and should not be possible. The address through which the registration could be made was discovered.

The already mentioned Mikael Thalen then even created an account named Donald Trump (@donaldtrump). He also used the ex-president’s profile photo. In connection with the Truth platform, it would be possible to discuss at length the various spiciness that are beyond the scope of this article, so it is only briefly present. Mastodon himself claims that he does not want to support hate speech, ie racism, sexism or transphobia. Truth in Czech means truth.

Click for larger imageTruth not only looks like Mastodon. Glen found direct evidence that the social network had just taken his code and passed it off as his intellectual property

Trump is famous for that insults various minorities and systematically lies. Trump’s spokesman was also in the US presidential election last year a big spread of lies. Some of the rules stated in the conditions of use are interesting. E.g. Truth prohibits excessive use of capital letters. But Trump became famous for writing with an active Caps lock.

Content may be blocked if it harms or disparages the operator, in the operator’s opinion. The operator is then not responsible for the content of third parties, although Trump supported the repeal of the law, which grants Internet companies some immunity, as he explains. The Washington Post. Although Trump does not like the fact that his accounts on large social networks are blocked, his Truth reserves the right to restrict or deny your access to the network.

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