Peter is checked through Photo: RTL

Peter is checked through Photo: RTL

Peter is checked through Photo: RTL

While things couldn’t go better for Peter and his chosen one, Kerstin, the spark just doesn’t want to jump over with Nils and his lady-in-waiting. Enno and Olaf, on the other hand, are only at the beginning of their farm week.

At Peter (26) the sister of his chosen one Kerstin (28) drops by to “check out” the farmer – at Enno (25) and Olaf (60), on the other hand, the farm week only starts now. While the first kiss comes surprisingly quickly with Matze, with Nils the spark just doesn’t want to jump over.

Enno does not pick up his Kim (21) with the tractor, but with the motorcycle. Not without ulterior motives, of course, because Kim has to cling to him from behind as he drives into the courtyard. Accompanied by his biker buddies, they jet through East Frisia. Kim owns a motorcycle at home, so that’s fine. As a reminder, because the barn festival was a long time ago: At that time Enno sent his candidates away again and only met Kim at the party. The train attendant had actually applied to Peter.

Even with Olaf, the farm week doesn’t start until today’s seventh episode. The senior of the relay picks up his Bettina (55) conventionally by car. In the yard, the service staff is immediately greeted by Olaf’s three dogs – and immediately involved in the stick game. That also seems to fit.

Kerstin gets the go from her sister

Peter and Kerstin are already further. In the last episode there was the first kiss, now their relatives are already at the door. Kerstin’s older sister Sabine comes by to “check out” Peter. The 32-year-old learns from the farmer that it is already “crackling” on both sides. Kerstin gets her sister’s “go”. Sabine’s conclusion: “Good guy and you seem to go well together”.

There is also a crackling between Matze (34) and Eyleen (32), although you can’t tell by looking at her. The geriatric nurse looks rather annoyed from the laundry, but that seems to be deceiving. When the permanently radiant Matze kisses her spontaneously, she happily joins in. In the interviews, too, she only had good words for Matze.

With Nils (33) and Sabrina (28), on the other hand, it doesn’t crackle. The farmer only sees the teacher as a “buddy”. Since he doesn’t want to raise her hopes, he tries to talk to her. The butterflies don’t stir with him. “Nothing just happens to me”. Sabrina probably hoped for more, at least a little more time to get closer. The disappointment that Nils gives up so quickly leaves her in tears.

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