Fassi and the commission that extends its mandate for four more years in Workshops.

In a intense week for Workshops, This Sunday the General Assembly was held that anointed Andres Fassi as president of the Jardín neighborhood club until 2025. “To manage the passion of 2.5 million fans ”, as he graphed.

Fassi, in charge of Talleres since the end of 2014, heads the only list that was presented. No opponents on the horizon, product of successful management sporty that puts the team fighting on two fronts: escort in the Professional League and semifinalist of the Argentine Cup, with a scheduled duel with Godoy Cruz for December 1.

Fassi and the commission that extends its mandate for four more years in Workshops.

In addition to qualifying once again for international cups, since He secured his participation in the South American 2022 for the annual table, in which he is third. That is, in the Copa Libertadores area.

And with strong numbers that support its management, since it presented a surplus of 524 million pesos. Based, for example, on the numerous transfers of footballers to the European market. The report and balance sheet for fiscal year 2020 / ’21 and budget for 2021 / ’22 were put for consideration at the High Performance Center at the Amadeo Nucetelli property.

by thiago

Precisely, the works in the impressive High Performance Center is one of the achievements exhibited by the Fassi administration. They were going to be inaugurated last Wednesday, and the event was suspended due to the tragic death of the youth Thiago Esquivel, who drowned in the La Quebrada Dam.

“Sometimes we imagine things, this It would be a week perhaps one of the most important in the history of the club, for what it meant to inaugurate this entire venue, this effort. Sometimes man proposes and God disposes another thing. Thiago is a little angel who watches over Workshops ”, reflected President Albiazul.

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