Backpacker Tiago Escarcell Bohrer, victim of an accident in Mato Grosso do Sul (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook)
Backpacker Tiago Escarcell Bohrer, victim of an accident in Mato Grosso do Sul (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook)

Taking the road on two wheels is a passion of many adventurers and can be very pleasurable, but it requires extra attention due to the fragility of the vehicle and passengers in case of accidents.

The fatality that occurred last Tuesday (16), on the BR-060, between Paraíso das Águas and the Bela Alvorada district in Mato Grosso do Sul, which killed 63-year-old bikers Clovis Zolet and backpacker Tiago Escarcell Bohrer, 32 years old, lit an alert to the need to pay extra attention to driving, protection equipment and vehicle maintenance.

Clovis was driving a BMW 1200 towards Camapuã/Paraíso das Água and when trying to overtake in a prohibited place, along a stretch of continuous double lane, he hit Tiago’s Honda Titan 150 motorcycle, which was with his 19-year-old girlfriend Jennifer Santos Pereira dos Santos.

Many mistakes and imprudences, such as the fatal accident, occur because riding a motorcycle on the road is not the same thing as driving on an urban road. On the contrary. There are fundamental differences between the road and streets and avenues.

Some factors, such as greater speed in relation to the urban environment and heavy vehicle traffic, such as trucks and trailers, require the motorcyclist to adopt safe behavior and anticipate possible risky situations and thus be able to avoid accidents, warns motorcyclist David Magela , 44 years old, member of the Abutre’s Moto Clube Raça em Extinção, the largest group of motorcyclists in Brazil.

Experienced motorcycle club member with key safety items (Photo: Personal Archive)
Experienced motorcycle club member with key safety items (Photo: Personal Archive)

“The main thing is the periodic maintenance of the motorcycle, which has to be up to date so as not to go bad, especially new tires and the electrical part regardless of the cylinder capacity, because the motorcycle generates its own energy and maintenance in general has to be up to date. In addition, it has safety equipment, such as a good helmet, long closed shoes to avoid stones on the shin, pants, gloves, and a good jacket to relieve the skin in case of falls in case of accidents”, stresses David, who for years he hits the road on a 1,450-cc motorcycle.

Regarding riding, the experienced motorcyclist warns that it is necessary to pay attention to the distance and speed of vehicles that are already on the track. “The main thing is attention, because you are a grain in the ocean. It’s no joke on the road, we’re dealing with high speed and stopping a heavy bike is not easy, you have to be careful. A lot of people abuse the big motor, but you can’t be too careful, only those who are on the road know. All reaction time decreases on a motorcycle, because you are not sitting as comfortable as in a car, this combined with high speed makes it difficult to have a quick reaction”.

About the specific case of the accident, the member of the motorcycle group highlights the adventurer spirit of the backpacker and the prudence that he had throughout his trajectory on the highways of 27 Brazilian states, even driving a low-capacity motorcycle.

“He was very cautious throughout the trip, especially with his girlfriend on the pillion, I’m sure he was doing the right walk, paying attention to traffic and the laws, the recklessness of what was disclosed was that of the BMW motorcyclist. But this is a fatality, they were making a dream come true and that is very beautiful”, laments the group member.

Solidarity – Members of the group Abutre’s Moto Clube Raça em Extinção organized a chain to help families who came from Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, to Campo Grande after an accident.

“The club welcomed the family, we took them to the headquarters, we helped with food, lodging, we took them to Santa Casa, among other things. We are giving this support without even knowing them, we know how happy he is to ride a motorcycle”, commented David Magela.

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