Father’s Day: what promotions do banks offer to honor dad?

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What promotions do banks offer?

Banks will offer for Father’s Day discounts of up to 45% and interest-free fees for the purchase of gifts to honor parents, mainly in clothing brands and gastronomic stores.

Banco BBVA: what are the promotions it offers

The French Bank offers for Father’s Day discounts of 30% with MasterCard credit card on purchases through Order Now (maximum $ 600) for that same day, June 20.

In addition, between June 10 and 12, it offers the following benefits: SodaStream (10% refund and 6 installments without interest, cumulative to the 60% discount on the web on soda machines), Sodimac (25% refund + 6 installments without interest), Gamma Tools and Gam.ma Italy (up to 25% discount on the point of sale + 12 installments without interest) and Sensation du temps (12 installments without interest). Also in Prestige (30% refund + 3 installments)

Between Thursday and Saturday, it will offer discounts of up to 40% and 3 interest-free installments on more than 45 apparel brands, such as Grimoldi, Lacoste, Rever Pass, Hush Puppies and La Martina, among others.

What promotions does Credicoop offer?

The Credicoop bank offers, between June 17 and 18 with Cabal Credicoop credit and debit cards, discounts of 25% (30% for those who collect their salary through the entity) without savings without limits and fees, in more than 2,000 member businesses throughout the country of clothing, sports houses, bookstore, opticians, wine bars, gift shops and others.

In turn, on June 20, it will provide 30% savings in all restaurants, breweries and ice cream parlors in the country, in face-to-face purchases, for pick-up over the counter or through food applications. They also apply for consumptions with QR through MODE.

Banco Ciudad: what are the promotions they offer

On pre-established days, between June 11 and 19, customers will be able to access promotions with credit cards for purchases in clothing, footwear, accessories and perfume shops. Among the main benefits are: a 30% discount and up to 3 installments without interest, in: Grimoldi, La Martina, Equus, Boating and Rever Pass, Dexter, Moov and Stock Center.

The promotion also allows access to a 35% discount and up to 3 interest-free installments for the purchase of accessories at Stylestore.com, among other exclusive offers. Likewise, through the “Tienda Ciudad” marketplace (www.tiendaciudad.com.ar) there will be financing in installments without interest and discounts on selected products; in addition to offers in the Megusta City Points Program! (https://www.ciudadmegusta.com.ar/).

Banco Itaú: what promotions does it offer

The bank offers for Father’s Day every Tuesday in June exclusive discounts on clothing, footwear and sportswear brands (between 15% and 35% depending on the segment). In addition, until June 11, a “special of drinks” is developed with Private Barrel, 25% and 3 installments without interest with credit and debit cards.

Also, on Sunday there will be a 35% discount at Rappi by paying with a debit card at the gastronomic brands that participate in the application.

ICBC Bank: what promotions does it offer

Banco ICBC offers promotions in store and online, with VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards. On June 17 and 18, customers will be able to access up to 40% and three installments, with a ceiling of $ 5000 per transaction, with “plastics” from the entity.

The promotion includes the brands: Lacoste, Key Biscayne, Dexter, Moov, Stock Center, Montagne, Rever Pass, Giesso, Grimoldi, Scandinavian and Prototype.

Banco Comafi: what are the promotions it offers

On Thursday, June 10, the Comafi bank offers discounts of 45% off and three interest-free installments (up to $ 2,500) with Mastercard cards.

Between June 13 and 14, there will be 45% off for Father’s Day plus 6 interest-free installments in clothing brands and adhered stores (cap $ 2,500), with Mastercard cards. While on Saturday and Sunday, it offers three interest-free installments in Mercado Libre, with Visa and Mastecard.

On the same day, June 20, a 45% discount is offered in restaurants throughout the country, with VISA and Mastercard cards (maximum $ 1,000), with an additional 5% discount paying with Mastercard.

What promotions does Banco Hipotecario offer?

The Mortgage Bank offers, between June 11 and 18, 25% with a debit card for all customers ($ 1,000 cap) and 25% credit card for Buho One ($ 1,000 cap) at Dexter, Moov, Stock Center, Macowens, Devre, Legacy, Swstch, StyleStore, and Kapselmaker.

In addition, in Sodastream, it offers 6 exclusive interest-free installments for Buho One and 60% discount on the IZZI gasifier product

In tourism, it offers an exclusive Buho One between June 14 and 20: 3 interest-free installments on flights to international destinations, 6 interest-free installments on packages to the United States, the Caribbean, Central America and South America, and 9 installments No interest in Accommodations, Car Rental and Assistance.

Banco Provincia: what promotions do they offer?

Banco Provincia offers for Father’s Day until June 30, with Visa and Mastercard credit cards, discounts of up to 20% off and up to 24 installments without interest (without a refund limit, at the time of purchase) at selected electro, computer, fitness and personal care companies, in online and / or telephone purchases from the catalog published on the Bank’s website.

Likewise, between June 12 and 19, 30% savings and up to 3 interest-free installments (maximum $ 3,000 per transaction) are offered in clothing, sports houses, perfumeries and text bookstores, in face-to-face, online and / or telephone purchase in affiliated stores, which can be consulted on the Bank’s website in affiliated stores.

Banco Santander: what promotions do they offer

For Father’s Day, Santander is carrying out different actions, the most important of which is on Wednesday 16, a special Santander Super Wednesday with 25% (general customers) and 30% (Select customers in this case) discount in more than 100 brands and for purchases in shopping malls.

There will also be specific actions with Sorpresa Santander, the bank’s benefits program for customers who subscribe to it, with discounts on online shopping brands. In addition, every week they will have special offers in SuperClub, Santander’s points program for consumption with credit and debit cards, so that customers can exchange products to give to parents.

What promotions does HSBC offer?

Between June 16 and 18, HSBC Argentina customers will be able to choose the gifts to celebrate with their parents and those who fulfill that role, and obtain discounts and special promotions at the stores of the country’s main brands.

Customers who make their purchases with HSBC credit cards will be able to access a 20% discount and 3 interest-free installments. And for those who pay their gifts with HSBC Premier credit cards, the benefit will be a 25% discount and 3 installments without interest.

The promotion will be valid only in physical locations of the adhered brands and can be used in the Swatch, Style Store, Devre, Macowens, La Martina, Scandinavian, Columbia, Euroski, Reverpass, Equus, Giesso and Tascani stores.

Banco Macro: what promotions does it offer

Banco Macro clients can access benefits in electro in Frávega, Musimundo and Megatone in selected products.

From June 7 to June 14, product purchases on these sites can be paid in up to 9 interest-free installments. In particular, with Macro Selecta, you can pay in up to 12 installments without interest.

During Father’s Day, which is celebrated on Sunday, June 20, there will also be benefits at Rappi and Orders Now. With Macro credit cards, it will be possible to obtain a 40% savings, with a limit of $ 800. With Macro Selecta, the benefit will reach 50%, with a limit of 1,000 pesos.

While on the macro rewards website you can buy in up to 18 installments without interest and with a discount of 10% until June 20.

Likewise, it is possible to access Visa Savings in Macro Premia also until Father’s Day. There will be a 70% off in points for the exchange of savings in stores in the clothing, perfume and wine stores.

Banco Nación: what are the promotions they offer

The main bank in the country, Banco Nación, offered promotions for its clients at the beginning of June. There were two proposals that were carried out in the BNA Store, with the Nativa Visa and Nativa Mastercard credit cards.

Between June 2 and 3, “Papa Hero” was launched, which included twelve installments without interest in: perfumery, beverages, small appliances, personal care, grills and tools.

And between June 3 and 4, “Papá Tecno” was in force, which included twelve installments without interest in: cell phones, smartwatch and accessories, in audio and TV and in video game consoles.

Banco Galicia: what are the promotions it offers

Banco Galicia have them, this Friday the 11th they will have discounts in selected brands and authorized shopping malls throughout the country. There will be 25% savings, 30% for the Eminet segment, and up to 3 installments without interest for clients, without a refund limit.

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