Fátima Bernardes was absent from the extended Meeting;  know the reason

Fatima Bernardes returned to the command of Meeting this Monday (22) after more than a month away from the Globe. The presenter spoke about the shoulder surgery she underwent. She also said that she believed she would come back sooner, but that she had the delayed return.

On her return to the morning, Fatima commented on her recovery period. “We go out to have surgery and imagine a time [de recuperação], but it is difficult saw? It’s not soft, it’s complicated. It took six weeks”, she declared, who was applauded by the audience.

Fatima said she hoped he would come back sooner to the command of the Globo program. Four weeks I spent only with the sling and it can’t move. It’s ice and a sling. Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I started moving my arm”, said.

The holder of the Meeting has not yet fully recovered the movements of her right arm and is undergoing physiotherapy. “I’m evolving. There are a series of exercises that I have to do, and last week I started a series of activities in the water”, revealed.

Everyone tells me that everything is going very well, we get anxious. The surgeon and the physiotherapists say: ‘Fatima, it’s very good for 15 days’. I’m the one in agony”, said Fatima.

The communicator’s partner in charge of Globo’s attraction, André Curvello presented her with a bouquet of flowers. “I know you love flowers, so I give it to you on behalf of the audience, the crew, the production, the direction, everyone! Good return, and always be very happy here in your space”, he wished.

Fatima said she postponed plans because of the shoulder procedure. “This year I was scheduled to learn a fight, but it’s already postponed to the second half of next year. I hope I can dance again in February, that’s my goal!”, guaranteed.

Fatima Bernardes and recovery

About two weeks ago, Fatima had shown progress in her recovery. At the time, she showed that she had started to regain her movement.

In the images, she appeared removing the sling that limited her movements and moved his arm. “One day at a time. Time to increase physiotherapy”, she wrote in the caption of the post.

“I had a review with my doctor and the good news is that I will be able to take off this sling that accompanied me throughout this period, day and night. I just took it off to shower and do some exercises”, commented Fátima in a video at the time.

The Globo presenter stated that the intention is to recover the movements gradually. She also reported an initial problem with her arm. “Being able to gradually recover the natural movement of the arm”, said. He [o braço] don’t obey. It folds up well, but if you have to get up, it won’t go at all”, he explained.

Fátima Bernardes is following with some restrictions during recovery such as driving or lying on the arm. “Everything very calmly”, he stated.

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