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FC Giessen reported four positive PCR tests in the team of the regional soccer team on Tuesday.

Corona is climbing into the sporting highs: On Tuesday, FC Gießen announced on its Instagram channel that four FC Gießen players tested positive for the corona virus in both the rapid test and the PCR test. “The affected people do not currently have any severe symptoms and were immediately isolated. All four people are in quarantine at home. ”

The FC immediately ordered a PCR test for all other people in the team and in the area, informed the last opponent KSV Hessen Kassel and was in contact with the health department.

Most recently, the red-whites had two wins in a row and thus worked their way out of the table cellar of the Southwest Football Regionalliga. The home game (2 p.m., Waldstadion) against FC Astoria Walldorf is on Saturday.

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