FC Porto and the losses of a European defeat | Soccer

This Tuesday, FC Porto left €10.6 million (ME) “flying” by failing to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, to close the 2022/23 edition of the competition at around 61 ME in earnings.

The team that held the national title had direct entry into the group stage of the Champions League and immediately raised a fixed amount of 15.64 ME, to which they added 23.887 ME according to the ten-year ranking among the participants.

The four triumphs in the group stage were worth an additional 11.2 ME, plus 0.198 ME for the redistribution of the remainder of the draws.

The “dragons” ended Group B in the lead and, with their qualification for the round of 16, they collected another 9.6 ME, for a total of 61.235 ME.

Despite the considerable value, FC Porto is not, even so, the leader in the Portuguese plan, since Benfica, which qualified for the “quarters”, is already at 72,558 ME.

Clube da Luz can still make the budget grow, if it reaches the semi-finals (another 12.5 ME), the final (another 15.5 ME) or even reaches its third European title (another 4.5 ME). For its part, Sporting, who missed the “eighth”, stopped at 35,136 ME.

The national record has been held by FC Porto since 2018/19, when the “dragons” collected 79.208 ME, an amount that the “incarnates” can surpass this season, if they reach the semi-finals.

To these values, add those of the “market pool“, related to television rights. UEFA will distribute a total of 292 ME to the 32 clubs, depending on the proportional value of the countries.

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