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The increase in the number of vaccinees increased the optimism of businessmen in the trade of goods, services and tourism in Rio de Janeiro. A survey carried out by Fecomércio RJ with traders in the sector shows that for the next three months 82.5% of entrepreneurs expect their business situation to improve or improve a lot, an increase of 8.5% compared to October 2020.

The survey, carried out between October 1st and 4th, with the participation of 400 businessmen, also shows that only 11.8% of those interviewed affirm that the situation should remain the same. Another 5.8% believe in a worsening or accentuated worsening in the situation of their companies.
The October survey shows optimism after the retraction in September, which interrupted a sequence of four consecutive highs, which began in May 2021.

The survey also points out that for 30.6% of respondents, their business situation has improved or greatly improved in the last three months, this being the best percentage in the last 12 months. This result boosted the business index in the future situation, which reached a record value of 94.4 percentage points.

In relation to the same month of the previous year, there was a variation of 20.9 points, with emphasis on the growth of entrepreneurs whose business situation reached stability. Even so, for 32.3% of entrepreneurs, there was a worsening or much worsening in the current business situation. Another 37.3% believe that the situation of their business has remained the same.

When asked about the main factors that currently limit their business, 45.9% of entrepreneurs said there was insufficient demand, and another 45.1% said they were financial restrictions. In addition, for 12.9%, the lack of space and/or equipment is one of the main obstacles and, finally, the lack of labor is pointed out by 8.2% of respondents.

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