Federal Revenue releases new rules for Income Tax 2023

The Federal Revenue released this Monday (27) the new rules for declaration of Income Tax (IR). Delivery of the 2023 declaration, base year 2022, begins on March 15th and continues until May 31st.

The news is that starting this year, according to the newspaper O Globo, this new period of more than 2 months will be standard for the coming years. Furthermore, it stands out:

  • The new exemption range, of BRL 2,112, which takes effect in May, is not yet valid for the 2023 declaration, which is based on the calendar year of 2022.
  • It will be possible to fill out the declaration on different devices without losing data. That is, the taxpayer can start the declaration on the cell phone and finish it in the program installed on the computer or online.
  • It will be possible to receive the refund via PIX, the Central Bank payment service. However, only the key registered with the CPF will be accepted. It will also be possible to pay Darf – in the case of those who owe tax – via PIX.
  • Another novelty is that this year it is related to the Stock Exchange. They are required to declare only those who carried out alienation whose sum was greater than R$ 40 thousand or with calculation of net gains subject to the levy of tax.

The Revenue estimates that it will receive between 38.5 million and 39.5 million declarations during the delivery period. Last year, 36.3 million were received.

The reason for the increase is, mainly, the table not being updated. Without new table values, more people pay income tax.

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