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The midfielder who arrived for his third pass through the blues, was the one pointed out by the noisy dressing room to take the captain’s jinete, in the line that is framed his return, where he assured that the club was looking for him as a voice of experience for the most youths. The second captain will be Camilo Moya and the third Cristóbal Campos.

Felipe Seymour will carry the genet in the summer tournament in Argentina
© U. de Chile PressFelipe Seymour will carry the genet in the summer tournament in Argentina

The technician of University of Chile, Santiago Escobar He had already anticipated how he was going to choose the next blue captain, once the departure of Fernando DePaul, the last player who led the genet in the rowdy squad.

The Colombian coach had assured that the players’ dressing room would have a moment of conversation to carry out their determination, which occurred in the previous trip to Argentina to face the Super classic against Colo Colo, where the name of Felipe Seymour.

It was at dinner, prior to going to the airport and heading to Buenos Aires, that the entire squad made the determination to choose at the wheel, who arrived to live his third period with the University of Chile jersey, to be the new blue captain.

Seymour himself had anticipated the new role that he would have in this new dressing room, where he was already visualized as with the voice of experience, although he assured that his function would also be to find new references in a young team.

“Regarding my coming to the U and my role, what they speak of the captain, we are in a line regarding the sports project and the restructuring that we emphasize so much. Today there is an importance, not only in the captaincy or who it will be. I believe that it is important today, in addition to the captains, also the references and the new leaders. That mixture will make a much more united and much more powerful dressing room. I believe that finding new references and creating new leaders, especially in young people who must be given responsibilities, I will make this dressing room different, “he commented in his presentation.

That is not all, because the team of captains was also chosen, who will command the squad in the company of Felipe Seymour, where Camilo Moya will be the second and Cristóbal Campos the third.

With this, Seymour will be the one who takes the captain’s jinet in the premiere of the Blues against Colo Colo, in a duel that is played on Friday at 9:00 p.m., in Argentina.

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