Fellner sees himself as a "victim" in the ÖVP advertisement affair

Jointly responsible? “Zero point zero”

He may have spoken to Thomas Schmid “two or three times,” said Fellner on Monday. He was “surely the journalist who spoke to him the least ”. Fellner can “one hundred percent rule out that there was ever a financing of our surveys via advertisements ”, and there was also no“ benevolent reporting ”:“ We practiced a high degree of editorial independence ”.

When asked whether he felt responsible for Sebastian Kurz’s resignation, he replied: “Zero point zero”. He has nothing to do with the SMS or with Schmid. If there has been manipulation, he is “most certainly a victim and not a perpetrator”.

“Will have consequences”

The cause around fake surveys is “unpleasant” for the Ministry of Finance. “We are by no means the only ones who have received it,” claimed Fellner. The media group has printed many, but not all. Surveys commissioned by “Austria” even for Research Affairs are “demonstrably paid for by us and not manipulated”. In order to come to this conclusion, one checked the raw data itself.

As it became known on Sunday, the publishing group “Austria” is bringing an official liability suit against the republic. The house searches and cell phone surveillance on behalf of the WKStA were illegal, according to the media company, citing the legal protection officer of the Supreme Court.

Fellner stated on Monday that the house search itself was fair and “constructive”. Fellner assumed that the house search should be illegal in the opinion of the media group “will have consequences”. The WKStA contradicted the fact that there were unlawful acts in the course of the investigation.

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