FELTi 2021: For the first time it welcomes Cuban and foreign companies virtually

The Forum of Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Information Technology (FELTi 2021) opened the doors of its fifth edition this Wednesday, virtually from Havana, in order to promote greater exchange between professionals from the Cuban and foreign digital ecosystem.

For the first time the event is held in virtual mode, given the complex epidemiological situation that the Antillean nation is experiencing due to COVID-19.

The Cuban Vice Minister of Communications, Grisel Reyes León, considered this space as an important way to share experiences on the assimilation and implementation of the work of these companies, as well as the monitoring of organizational changes, and the promotion and instruction in the use of technologies.

With the horizon of Digital transformation: the strategy that unites us, This fifth edition will meet until September 17, through the FEVEXPO comprehensive event management platform, the first of its kind on the Island.

Stimulate the development of science, innovation and integration between all actors constitutes, in the opinion of the vice minister, another of the most important north of the current appointment.

Organized by the Informatics and Communications Business Group (GEIC) together with the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba, FELTi 2021 plans to bring together more than 20 state companies and representatives of non-state forms of management that will participate in the presentations, the virtual fair and the business round.

The director of the IT consulting company Dofleini, Carlos Miguel Pérez Reyes, announced the launch of his virtual store project DFL eCommerce on the occasion of this business event, which he has joined as a gold sponsor and where he will share the innovative ideas that the Non-state sector offers in the technological field.

In a context where the pandemic has forced us to rethink scenarios, FELTi 2021 acquires greater relevance and relevance, from the search for increasingly innovative solutions in the virtual world and the promotion of strategic alliances.

(With information from ACN)

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