Berhayat hospital goes through different changes every day and this makes the plot of “Doctor Miracle”Is becoming more and more compelling.

The last chapters of the turkish series they thoroughly touched on Ferman’s accident. After the operation, the doctor accepted that he will never be able to operate with his skillful right hand again.

Doctor Milagro (Photo: Twitter)

In this context, Ferman signed and surrendered his resignation as chief surgeon, which makes it impossible to take or decide the new measures that will govern from now on.

Vuslat will be insensitive and inflexible about this problem and will inform the rest of the medical team about the new changes, including the arrival of a new surgeon.

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What caught the attention of the fans of “Doctor Miracle” is he Ali’s possible new position as boss, according to the hospital owner’s comment.

This unfailingly undermined the mood of Ferman who is very exhausted by what happened and unfortunately suffered a relapse. Doctor Miracle?

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Demir’s departure brought trouble

Demir’s farewell letter to Acelya broke her heart and that is why she decided to burn all her belongings and photos of both of them.

The problem now is that the group of residents will have to find a new place to live. Let’s remember that they all live in the same house, Demir’s. Will they separate?

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Doctor Milagro (Photo: Twitter)

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