Viih Tube explains make-out phase and reveals

With more than four million followers, the actress Fernanda Paes Leme breaks hearts on social media, with her beauty and good shape. The famous posed in the midst of nature, and left fans’ imaginations soaring.

With a striped underwear, the artist he had no shame and sensualized more than anything by showing off his curvy and ripped body. “Oh luck,” he said in the caption.

“I can’t stand this beauty, it seems like something from another world”, said a young man. “Wow, what a spectacle,” commented the second person. “Guys, what a spectacle,” said the third.


It is worth mentioning that, during a conversation with Fernanda Paes Leme to the podcast Poddelas, she declared that she had not gone to Farofa da GKay, as she had chosen to freeze her eggs precisely at that time. Furthermore, she detailed on the subject of taboo.

“I did not go [na Farofa da Gkay] because that was exactly the moment I decided that I was going to freeze an egg. I had done the exams and started the procedure, which is not very pleasant, with hormones, you get messed up. This was a subject that stressed me so much that I couldn’t freeze. I tried the first few doses and it wasn’t responding as much. We preferred to stop and try next year. This demand (to go to the party) harmed me so much that I put it aside”, he said.


After the interview was successful on social networks, the presenter took the moment to speak on social networks. At the time, she said that for a long time he thought that this subject would not be discussed in a post on his Instagram.

“It’s not easy to express myself in relation to this, because it’s not easy every process that involves a possible pregnancy, in the near or ‘distant’ future. But for a long time, it was a forbidden subject for me, not because I had any aversion, but precisely because of the external demand of having children”, he began.

Continuing with the matter, she said that she is always asked about children. “No matter how well I was about my career, my family, my friends, my relationships, the subject of ‘children’ was always remembered in two ways. The 1st because I didn’t want to have it yet and the 2nd was if because of that I froze eggs. I am an enlightened woman, aware of my body, I take care of myself, I adore myself and I know all my times and processes”, she said.

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