This will be the first batch of a program that plans to incorporate 1,000 innovators and innovators in the next five years.

After the act, the president elevates the bill to Congress.

President Alberto Fernandez present this Wednesday the bill of promotion of hydrocarbon investments, in an event with oil companies, governors, trade unionists in the sector and representatives of SME organizations, regional companies and national industry leaders.

The event will take place, starting at 11.30, at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum where the president will announce the project together with the Minister of Economy, Martn Guzmn; of Productive Development, Martn Kulfas, and the Secretary of Energy, Daro Martnez, reported official sources.

In addition, the governors of the hydrocarbon producing provinces will participate: Axel Kicillof, from Buenos Aires, Mariano Arcioni, from Chubut; Arabela Racingby Ro Negro; Omar Gutirrez, from Neuqun; Alicia kirchner, from Santa Cruz; Gustavo Melella, from Tierra del Fuego; Gustavo Senz, from Salta; Rodolfo Surez, from Mendoza; Sergio Ziliotto, from La Pampa; Gildo Insfrn, from Formosa, and Gerardo Morales placeholder imageby Jujuy.

“We are very satisfied because the consultation and participation work carried out, the elaboration of the text, has come to an end, and we already have a bill to drive the activity,” said Martnez when confirming the presentation “before all the actors of the hydrocarbon activity. “.

The project contemplates an incentive scheme based on greater guaranteed export authorizations and the availability of foreign exchange for initiatives that are addressed in all basins that ensure an incremental production of gas and oil.

After the act, the president bring the bill to Congress for his treatment, as he had announced in the Legislative Assembly of March 1.

The Secretary of Energy declared that the president requested “that the context of the presentation be as broad as the dynamics of the project’s elaboration was,” and all the actors who in one way or another participated and contributed their ideas are invited.

For this reason, the presence of workers’ organizations linked to the activity, the SME Chambers and regional companies, the governors of the producing provinces, the oil companies and the national industry organizations are expected.

The project includes a incentive scheme based on greater guaranteed export authorizations and availability of foreign exchange for initiatives that are addressed in all basins that ensure an incremental production of gas and oil.

“It is a law with a federal perspective, with incentives for the specificity of each of the country’s regions,” said the sources consulted, explaining that the future norm “is intended to guarantee domestic supply with added value, employment, import substitution. and higher exports “.

To do this, “the exchange rate requirements and the availability of exports that the investments need are met, through a scheme that generates benefits for the producer and the domestic supply,” they added.

It also addresses one of the old demands of the companies in the sector, which is fiscal stability and all the benefits acquired from the moment of joining the program, in terms of duties, tariffs, taxes, tributes and rates, at the national level and elsewhere. the provincial and municipal areas that adhere to the norm in a timely manner.

For this impulse, a general regime for the promotion of hydrocarbon investments will be created, which will last for 20 years and which will contain particular regimes oriented to the promotion of activities of exploration and production of oil, exploration and production of natural gas and exploration , production, industrialization and transportation of hydrocarbons, energy infrastructure works and provision of services.

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