Fernando Tatis Jr.'s father sent fire on a problem with Machado

The ex-player of the MLB and dad from Fernando Tatis Jr. talked about the incident her son had with Manny machado in the 2021 season.

Mr. Fernando Tatis had not yet spoken to the cameras about this process of which he must be better aware than many, he said that one of Manny Machado’s jobs is to ensure that Tatis Jr. does not blur the game.

However, the one who apparently caused the problem was not any of the Dominicans, but one of the San Diego Padres coaches, who instead of advising Tatis Jr., what he did was make things worse.

“Machado’s job is to focus on Junior so that he does not get blurred by the calls of the referees and that, Junior seems to have lost focus a bit, but the problem was not with Machado, the problem was with one of the coaches, of these Coaches who believe they are the protagonists that we have in the teams who believe that they really know everything and that instead of helping what they do is have the boys breakfast, unfortunately they were not the right words that he should have said to Junior or the right moment , Those are things that you have to know how to handle, there are people who do not know how to do it, how does a player come who wants to give everything for a team and things are not going well, so it was not the right words that he said to him and the boy reacted “

“No one should tell Junior how to play the game, because everyone has seen how Junior plays the game, and this is not a game of one, it is won together and unfortunately the coach did not know how to handle the situation, it is something that exists You have to learn to do it to be at that level, for you to know how to get along with those players you must be at that level too “

“You cannot address much at the time and what you are going to address you have to know very well what you are going to say, because the star is not you at those times, the stars are them, we have good mentors and bad minors. too’

“I was in Santo Domingo and I saw what happened, I imagined what Machado told him, it was just as he had imagined, Machado tried to focus on it, the problem was with the coach, there should be no problem at that time in a dugout, you have to have those players focused to see if the team goes to the playoffs “

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