Fernando Tatis on the possibility of seeing Fernando Tatis Jr. at LIDOM

Former MLB player Fernando Tatis, father of Fernando Tatis Jr, talked about the possibilities for his son to play in the Dominican League with the Eastern Stars for the third year in a row.

Tatis Jr. comes off a super good season, but at the same time, complicated, undoubtedly injuries interrupted his rhythm several times and even forced him to change position in the majors.

It is very difficult to get permission from manager AJ Peller, who is coming off a failed season and the last thing he wants is for Tatis Jr. to get complicated.

However, Fernando Tatis Sr. said that the Stars are trying, the team he directs. Also, he admitted that it will be very difficult, but never said that it was impossible to get permission from the San Diego Padres.

“There are certain things that we have to deal with with Junior, for example, the injuries he has had, it would be difficult for him to play in this country, but you never know, we are trying to see what happens later,” said Tatis.

On the other hand, Felix Peguero, general manager of the Estrellas Orientales admitted that Tatis Jr. is one of the faces of baseball and that, therefore, the situation is complicated.

With information from ElDominicano.DO.

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