IVF Laboratory (In Vitro Fertilization) of the clinic (Photo: Campo Grande News/Arquivo)

Patients have a chance to be included in an assisted reproduction program with reduced costs

IVF Laboratory (In Vitro Fertilization) of the clinic (Photo: Campo Grande News/Arquivo)

By the end of the month, women who are being treated for some type of cancer and want to become pregnant someday can look to Fertliv for their first appointment. Throughout Pink October, a month of alert about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer, the private clinic will offer free care to this public.

As announced by Fertliv, one of the oldest human reproduction clinics in Campo Grande, women will also be able to join the “Generating Dreams” program, which offers assisted reproduction techniques with reduced costs, including laboratory and medications.

According to medical expert in assisted reproduction, Suely Resende, in the past, the diagnosis of cancer practically represented the end of the dream of having children. With advances in medicine, the freezing of eggs and semen are pointed out as alternatives for preserving the fertility of men and women.

“Medicines inhibit cancer cells, but medication is not selective. In other words, it can reach other organs of the body, such as the ovaries. If the woman has a history of low ovarian reserve, the risk of having difficulties or not being able to get pregnant is greater”, explains Vitor Kussumoto, responsible for “Generating Dreams”.

Another doctor on the team, Antônio Miziara, explains that the time between the diagnosis of cancer and the start of chemotherapy or radiotherapy is usually enough to collect and freeze the eggs. “The procedure is similar to in vitro fertilization. First, the woman will use injectable medications for an average period of 10 days to stimulate ovulation. Egg collection is performed in a surgical environment, under anesthesia (sedation) and then the eggs will be stored and frozen”.

After overcoming the cancer, the patient who has frozen eggs must follow the oncologist’s advice to try for a pregnancy.

More information by calling (67) 9 9988-1873 and (67) 9 9932-1749.

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