Festival da Canção: Ivandro, Edmundo Inácio, Bárbara Tinoco and Inês Only in the final | Television

Ivandro, Edmundo Inácio, Bárbara Tinoco, Voodoo Marmalade, Inês Só and Dapunksportif are in the final of the Festival da Canção. We already know, therefore, which are all 13 songs – three more than last year – that will be in competition next weekend, March 11, at the close of the 57th edition of the Festival da Canção.

This Saturday night, from the RTP studios, in the second semifinal led by Sónia Araújo and Jorge Gabriel, with Inês Lopes Gonçalves in the green roomsix more songs were selected to join the seven that, in an anomaly, passed last week.

The first five reached the final in the traditional mix of public and jury voting, this year comprising Márcia, Alex D’Alva Teixeira, Sara Correia, Neev, Maro, Carlos Mendes and Pedro Ribeiro. The last one, new this year, was saved by the public after the other finalists were revealed.

In order of appearance, they are: Peopleby Ivandro, from Rio de Mouro, the most heard Portuguese artist on Spotify, who sang about “buying a house and building a home”, A Partyby Edmundo Inácio, with lyrics about confusing parties with power struggles, Goodnightby Bárbara Tinoco, which had, on stage, several people drinking glasses and reading The fearby Al Berto, Tormentby Voodoo Marmalade, with his ukuleles and leaving torment and Satan behind, and End of the world, by Inês Só, dominated by her piano. Two of these, by Edmundo Inácio and Inês Só, came from free submission. World Needs Therapy, by the rock band Dapunksportif from Peniche, was the song saved by the public vote. The songs interpreted by The Happy Mess, Teresinha Landeiro, Bandua, and Lara Li, a veteran of these struggles who had been invited by André Henriques, solo artist and vocalist of Linda Martini, were left out.

These songs will join, in competition for a place in Liverpool, Eurovision, in May, crossroadsin Churky, I was born Mariaby Claudia Pascoal, oh heartin Mimicat, Mute Contrastin You Can’t WinCharlie Brown and To liveof Salt, cement shoesfrom This People and Endless Worldby Neon Soho.

Throughout the night, there was still room for a futuristic tribute to Faust and his Up This Riverwhich recently turned 40, by Filipe Sambado, a former contestant for the 2020 edition. She brought with her even more Festival history, in the voices of Primeira Dama (whose father, Paulo Lourenço, from Tetvocal, went to Eurovision to accompany Anabela and your City (Until It’s Day) in 1994), and Surma, who was a contestant and judge of the Festival, with the help of Chinaskee, King Kami and Alexandre Oriano (or Alek Rein), as well as the dance of Aurora and Zaya. And also for Carlos Mendes to leave the jury to interpret Summera song with which he went to Eurovision in 1968, 55 years ago, with a historical introduction beforehand, with images of the Sheiks, and an interview afterwards, as well as a performance by Nicolas Alves, this year’s representative of Portugal in the Junior Eurovision, showing his The 70’s.

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