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It will be the only event of its kind to be televised in the summer.

The Las Condes Festival will take place next weekend.
© Canal 13The Las Condes Festival will take place next weekend.

The programming of the Las Condes Festival It is definitely closed, since Channel 13 has just confirmed the number of humor that it will have the first night, a detail that was pending in the previous announcement.

The event will take place on Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd of January, always with the Parque Padre Hurtado, and will be broadcast in its entirety by the Luksic station, after Tele13 Central.

As the last great novelty, those responsible for the show defined that within the first day the laughter will come from the hand of Fusion Humor, a quintet that will make the public enjoy a night in which the singers will also participate Yuri Y Luis Jara.

The executive producer of the Las Condes 2022 Festival, Mauricio Correa, highlighted that “On the first day of the festival we will have Fusión Humor, a group that is very loved by the people and that gives us a very special humor, entertaining and that requires the public to be watching and listening to what they do because they tell stories throughout its development “.

“We also have Yuri and Lucho Jara, with which we believe that we have a very strong Friday,” he concluded.

Las Condes Festival: Who else will be at Channel 13’s summer event?

Meanwhile, the second day of the event, on Saturday 22, will have the music of the Mexican duo Ha*Ash and the Chilean Francisca Valenzuela, while humor will be in charge of Javiera Contador.

This entire event will be led in the animation by the duo made up of Sergio Lagos Y Angels Araya, who can currently be seen in command of the programs Here you dance Y Your day, respectively, on Channel 13.

Meanwhile, backstage there will be another pair that will share with the artists and that will show the B side of the event and they will compose it Maria Jesus Muñoz Y Francesco Gazzella, the journalist of Tele13 and the panelist from Your day, respectively.

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