Field in Irapuato: 3,000 hectares of crops were affected by rains

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- In the rainy season the field in Irapuato affected at least 3,000 hectares of crops.

Despite this, not all were total loss, since at least 50% of them could be rescued, mentioned Agustín Robles Montenegro, president of the Irrigation District 011 in Irapuato.

He commented that in the irrigation district There were 3 thousand hectares where the water came out of the river bed and canals, but of these, 500 of them were drained, for which they had a real affectation would be around 2,500.

In about 500 the water came out quickly, however, we still have hectares where the water is being pumped, I cannot say of the losses that exist because most of the flooded hectares is corn, and corn has a tolerance to water more than other crops, ”he said.

Nevertheless, some crops like perennials are mostly goneTherefore, we do talk about the irrigation district, there will be many losses, but not that 100% are lost, but 50% in production.

Field in Irapuato: many did not insure their crops

Which would directly affect agricultural producers, since many of them are not used to different climatic phenomena, so do not secure your crops.

There is one or another farmer, but I cannot speak of a percentage because we are just working on a census to see how many producers are protected from some disaster insurance, but for me 90% of the producers do not have insurance “, he said .

So knowing that you would only have the one with the state government, but whose he also does not have information on how they will support them and on how much is the insurance that is had for this part.

He mentioned that he has information from the secretary and the governor that there is insurance, but until now there has been no talk of amounts, in addition to knowing the insurances that do not pay 100% of what their planting would produce.

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