Every October, gamers receive the new installment of the popular FIFA saga. This 2021 has not been different and since last October 1 the video game is available on consoles and PC FIFA 22. But does FIFA still offer enough news to position itself as the king of virtual football? We tell you our experience.

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Before we start, let’s remember that FIFA 22 It is the edition of the popular franchise that will be valid until another year. As in past versions, the game is available on consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC y en Nintendo Switch (via Legacy Edition).

Here the technical sheet:

  • Gender: Sports
  • Consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch y PC
  • Players: 1-2
  • Age restriction: All ages
  • Release date: October 1, 2021
  • Languages: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish (Dubbed), Russian, English
  • Download size: Approximately 50GB

1. What are your gameplay novelties?

Accustomed to a new game every year, the news is not visible to the naked eye in the new FIFA. That is no different with FIFA 22. Nevertheless, the adjustments that have been made with this year’s edition of the soccer simulator are positive and leave a pleasant feeling when playing.

For example, in summary, we have changes in machine artificial intelligence, improvements in ball physics, a redesign of how archers work, a new sprint to chop the ball and some offensive tactics. These improvements further refine a gameplay already established and known to the community.

Barcelona in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)
Barcelona in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)

One of the pillars that has been liked the most has been the inclusion of HyperMotion. This motion capture technique used sensors on 22 footballers to record their movements in real time and then replicate them within FIFA. This is one of the biggest novelties of FIFA 22, because in previous games motion capture was used on specific players and not on both teams, as now.

Although we should mention that the HyperMotion is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles. The versions of PS4, Xbox One and PC do not include it, so its gameplay remains similar to past editions.

Messi, Mbappé and Neymar in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)
Messi, Mbappé and Neymar in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)

2. Updated game modes

If there is a mode in FIFA that has positioned itself as one of the most popular and important, it is the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). In it, players can create their own team, customize it, buy new players and compete with it against other rivals. For FIFA 22 the reward system has been modified, which now rewards the highest number of victories and not because of the rank we have every weekend. Thus, the user is encouraged to play even more.

Likewise, we also find more customization options for the stadiums. You can modify the lawn, seats, flags, banners, cards, etc.

On the other hand, a mode that has also received substantial changes (and needed them several titles ago) is the Career mode. With this, the fans could choose a team from any league and play against the machine to reach the different national and international tournaments.

Now playing Career Mode as a manager we can create our own team. We choose your name, your logo, nickname that the commentators will use and we select the club to replace. It’s that simple, but it is an option that Electronic Arts had been claiming for years. In addition, customization options for uniforms, shield and stadium also arrive.

Regarding Career Mode as a player, EA has made changes to renew the experience. For example, the manager rating, a system that measures the confidence that the DT has with the player. If we complete the proposed challenges, we will have more options to be starters. In that sense, if we fail, we will end up being fired.

FIFA 22 introduces a manager rating in Career Mode for players.  (Screenshot)
FIFA 22 introduces a manager rating in Career Mode for players. (Screenshot)

Another novelty is that as we meet objectives we will also receive experience points. These, in turn, serve to improve specific attributes in a skill tree. As you remember, before the characteristics were attributed automatically.

3. Licenses in FIFA 22: Peru is not here

FIFA 22 once again includes the licenses of the most important tournaments and leagues in the world of football. Among them we have the UEFA Champions League, Conmebol Libertadores, the English Premier League, LaLiga of Spain, Bundesliga of Germany, Serie A of Italy, Ligue 1 of France, etc. However, we have teams like Juventus or AS Roma that have not been licensed and we will have to see them under the names Piomonte Calcio and Roma FC.

And Peruvian teams? We first mentioned that Peru does not appear in the selections section, as well as other selections of the stature of Chile, Colombia or Uruguay (there is only Argentina and Brazil). About clubs, we found the Sports University, Sporting Cristal, UTC, FBC Melgar and Sport Huancayo.

You recognize it?  This is Alejandro Hohberg, from Sporting Cristal, in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)
You recognize it? This is Alejandro Hohberg, from Sporting Cristal, in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)

4. Visual and technical section

About the graphics, EA noted that they have added over 4,000 completely new animations, which can be seen during matches and thanks to technology HyperMotion that we mentioned lines above.

FIFA 22. (Screenshot)
FIFA 22. (Screenshot)

Although it is true that the great novelties in FIFA 22, as in the previous titles in the saga, do not go on the graphics side. In the PlayStation 5 version we have a successful visual section, but feeling similar to what we already saw with FIFA 21 on PS5.

We highlight the realism in the photography of FIFA 22 when we enter to see a replay, as it allows us to calmly see the good work done to represent the footballers.

Marcos Riquelme in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)
Marcos Riquelme in FIFA 22. (Screenshot)

Conclusions on FIFA 22

Without being a complete revolution, The new version of FIFA introduces gameplay adjustments that die-hard fans will like. Not only that, but there are also improvements to the Career Mode for DT and player at last. In addition, the technology HyperMotion adds significant fluidity to gameplay, but is unique to next-gen consoles.

In addition, One point that they did not like is that we will no longer be able to play with Peru nor with other South American teams such as Colombia, Chile or Ecuador. The graphics is acceptable, but does not stand out.


The physical version of FIFA 22 on PS4 is at S /. 329.90; while on PS5 it is S / .389.90.


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