It’s a classic: the football game FIFA from Electronic Arts. But according to the New York Times could end that decades-long tradition, dating back to 1993.

jvhSource: New York Times

Today at 16:38

Behind the scenes there would be a lot of discussion about an extension of the contract between the international football association and the producer. According to the newspaper, FIFA only wants to extend the contract with EA if it is compensated by one billion per four-year cycle, and the association wants the producer to generate less money from so-called ‘in-game‘ purchases, where players pay extra for in-game perks.

Demands that are reportedly unacceptable to EA, which would therefore consider changing the game’s name. According to the company, the possible termination of cooperation with FIFA does not mean that the real names of clubs and players can no longer be used: it only concerns the right to use the World Cup in the game.

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