Fifth corona wave: Mask on and through

A high-quality FFP2 mask that filters at least 94 percent of the pollutants must have a CE mark, FFP protection level, EN standard, manufacturer name and article number. “In addition, the mask must fit well and pull in when you breathe in,” says microbiologist Birgit Willinger. Fit is often a problem with smaller children. If you want to optimally protect your offspring, you can use FFP2 children’s masks.

Washable FFP2 masks with a high cotton content and nano membrane are also available. The more environmentally friendly products should withstand up to 30 washes undamaged. “Masks with nanoparticles have not yet been adequately investigated to make a final assessment,” explains Willinger. Turkish researchers described nano-fibers in a study, however, as “key elements for filter materials in respiratory masks”.

The fabric of some reusable masks has positively charged compounds. They attract negatively charged viruses and destroy their structure. For SARS-CoV-2, an antiviral effectiveness of 99.9 percent was proven at the Free University of Berlin.

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