Since the beginning of February, in a total of 175,815 laboratory-confirmed corona cases with symptoms among people aged twelve and over, 8,845 cases (5.03 percent) had been fully vaccinated in Austria.

Of these, 215 patients (0.12 percent of all cases) were treated in hospital.

Increased vaccination breakthroughs

In terms of proportion, there have recently been an increasing number of breakthroughs in vaccination. However, according to AGES, it is to be expected that the more vaccinated population increases, there will also be more vaccination breakthroughs. Within the past four calendar weeks 33 to 36, there were 5,704 infections among 24,718 symptomatic cases in fully immunized patients (23.08 percent).

54 affected persons were treated in hospitals, that is a share of 0.22 percent of all cases and thus similarly low as in the entire period since February.

88 percent effectiveness

The vaccination effectiveness of at least 88 percent results from a comparison of the proportion of completely vaccinated with symptomatic infection with the proportion of completely vaccinated in the population, explained the experts. The value from the beginning of February up to and including the previous calendar week (calendar week 36) for the age group 18 to 39 years was 89.11. The 40 to 59 year olds showed 88.45 percent vaccination effectiveness and from 60 years it was 89.61 percent.

Data from other studies and other countries also show that Covid 19 diseases “are largely mild in fully vaccinated people, and hospital stays and deaths are avoided,” the AGES emphasized in its update.

Vaccination breakthroughs therefore occur in particular in people with previous illnesses or a restricted immune system, in whom the vaccination was unable to achieve immune protection.

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