Online cinema Kion announced the start of filming of the original series “The Negotiator” directed by Nurbek Egen with Kirill Pirogov, Vladimir Mishukov and Lyanka Gryu in the lead roles. Scriptwriter – Oleg Malovichko. “This is a psychological detective story about a professional who can save anyone, but is powerless when it comes to his own life and loved ones,” the release says. The production company “Sreda”, which has made the series “Alibi” with Nurbek Egen (it will be on the First Channel from the beginning of next week), has the most direct relation to this project.

The main character of the series – Alexander Maksimov (Kirill Pirogov) – is a brilliant psychologist and the best negotiator in Russia. He has vast experience behind him and a large number of rescued people: he worked during the terrorist attacks, persuaded to release the hostages, dissuaded criminals and victims not to commit a fatal act. Over the years in the profession, Maksimov has developed his own method of negotiating.

But even a seemingly ideal employee makes mistakes. In the past, Maksimov, negotiating with the terrorists who seized the school, is defeated – his daughter is killed. Unable to look his wife and son in the eye, Alexander leaves the family. Years later, the hero again confronts the culprit of that tragedy – it turns out that during the explosion in that school, the attacker did not die and now throws a new challenge to Maksimov.

The creators of “The Negotiator” will invite the viewer to plunge into the world of a profession about which few reliable facts are known. The story was created with the participation of consultants and professional negotiators. However, let us remind you that the series “Mediator” with Andrey Burkovsky in the title role, which also demonstrated to the audience the subtleties of the negotiation profession, was recently released on Start.

The new series also starred Vilma Kutavichyute, Vitaly Kovalenko, Petr Natarov, Ivan Shibanov, Maxim Belborodov and others. The author of the idea is Yulia Idlis. The general producers are Igor Mishin, Alexander Tsekalo and Ivan Samokhvalov.

Seven 50-minute episodes of The Negotiator will be exclusively available to subscribers of the online cinema Kion in 2022.

Direct speech

Igor Mishin, CEO of Kion:

– On the example of the series “Crystal”, we saw how the audience responds to the story of difficult heroes who have gone through difficult experiences in the past. “Negotiator” is a story about a character who can “read” people, who will have to face his fear. Today, like never before, such stories are relevant, and it is in the format of a large dramatic story with hour-long episodes.

Oleg Malovichko, scriptwriter:

– The idea of ​​this story belongs to Igor Mishin – he voiced it to me for the first time. It seemed to me interesting to show a person who is easily able to probe people, manipulate them. But this skill, which seems to be an advantage, turns out to be social alienation for him on the contrary. For me, the peculiarity of our project is in a wonderful cast, which the director Nurbek Egen and his team managed to put together.

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