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Square Enix suspended sales of Final Fantasy XIV in mid-December as a measure to tackle the saturation of the servers that they were experiencing, and while it is expected that there will be a new announcement about it in the coming days, the developer has taken action against players linked to illicit actions.

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The company decided in mid-December to “temporarily suspend” the sale of the ‘starter’ and ‘complete’ editions of the Final Fantasy XIV game, and additionally, to also temporarily suspend the new registrations for the trial period. In addition, those who have a test record, have limited access at dawn.

These are the latest measures taken by Square Enix to try to solve the saturation problem that the game servers have been experiencing for months, due to the arrival of the new expansion, Endwalker, and which are currently in effect.

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In a recent interview on Radio Mog Station, translated on the game’s forum at Reddit, the producer and director of the game, Naoki Yoshida, indicated that this week there would be news about the status of the new servers and the opening of the game sales. He also talked about some buffs they’re working on, which would affect uncontrollable characters or damage some professions do.

The producer has also highlighted the situation that the game development team is experiencing, who are being the target of “haters” who not only insult them but also attack the other players.

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“I only have one request for each of the players: please imagine that they are talking face to face with a developer whose name or face you may not know and imagine how they would feel before submitting your comment, and would be happy if people did it in a polite way “, Has expressed.


Although Final Fantasy XIV does not admit new players at the moment, those who already have an account are exposed to be sanctioned in case they breach the regulations contained in the ‘Terms of service’, as happens if they participate in illegal activities.

In this sense, the developer has reported that they have canceled 2,367 player accounts for trading with real money, while it has temporarily suspended another nine. It has also rescinded 236 for having publicity about this type of activity.

As for the ‘botting’ activity, that is, the creation of ‘bots’ or automated accounts, it has led to the cancellation of one account and the temporary suspension of two, as detailed in a statement.

The company carried out these actions between January 6 and 12, after confirming the existence of players who participate in illicit activities, which are prohibited in the ‘Terms of Service’ because it is understood that they “alter the balance of the game.”

Currently, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular video games in the world due to its dedication to its community.  (Photo: Square Enix)
Currently, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular video games in the world due to its dedication to its community. (Photo: Square Enix)

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