Financier Bragin explained how deposit rates will rise in 2022

Deposit rates in the new year will grow at a slower pace than the key rate increased. This opinion was expressed by the director for the analysis of financial markets and macroeconomics of the management company “Alfa Capital” Vladimir Bragin, informs Prime.

According to him, since the active actions of the Central Bank can lead to a slowdown in inflation, the key rate will also be reduced.

“As a result, it makes no sense to include in decisions, including those relating to the level of deposit rates offered by banks, a long period of high interest rates of the regulator,” Bragin explained.

At the same time, interest rates on loans, according to the financier, will increase approximately the same as on deposits, or a little more.

“Firstly, banks will put additional risks into them, related, among other things, to future fluctuations in monetary conditions. In addition, the tightening of the Central Bank’s policy may affect not only rates, but also, for example, reserve requirements or other standards,” Bragin said.

On January 13, the Central Bank announced an increase in the average maximum rate on bank deposits. According to the results of the third decade of December 2021, it increased to 7.74 percent.

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