Actor Osmar Prado’s character goes through ups and downs in the novel by Gloria Perez, the man deals with drug addiction and fights addiction throughout the series. And since Lobato’s ending in O Clone is, will the man achieve a happy ending?

How is Lobato’s ending in O Clone?

For those who support the character, good news: Lobato ends the soap opera well. The character has an overdose, but recovers and helps Mel, who also suffers from the addiction, and works to help other people who deal with the problem.

In the final stretch of O Clone, Lobato is very nervous when he is about to visit his children’s building and ends up going to a bar. After ordering a beer, he leaves the place and goes to a mouth to buy drugs.

He uses cocaine and realizes the mistake he made when he realizes he’s about to overdose. After the tense moment, Lobato is saved by firefighters at the end of O Clone and after recovering and reconciling with his family, he also helps Mel.

In the final chapter of O Clone, a narration is made by Stênio Garcia’s character, uncle Ali. It is shown how Lobato helped Mel complete a year off drugs in an institution and tells that the girl and Nando (Thiago Fragoso) opened a clinic for drug addicts, which has the help of Lobato and his analyst in the direction.

Lobato and the analyst played by Haylton Farias da Silva – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

who was the character

Lobato was the father of Pedrinho (Caio Junqueira) and Monique (Cynthia Falabella), a friend of Lucas (Murilo Benício) and Leônidas (Reginaldo Faria). The man became involved with drugs and suffered the consequences. Throughout the telenovela he struggles with relapses, but continues to struggle to stay well and away from drugs.

Lobato was a happy man in O Clone and was very present in the nucleus of Mel (Débora Falabella), daughter of Lucas, who was also chemically dependent on the soap opera.

how to watch

The soap opera from the 2000s is being re-run at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo from Monday to Friday, at 4:30 pm, after the afternoon session. It is possible to follow the chapters on TV or by being a Globoplay subscriber.

For those who want to see the end of Lobato in O Clone now, it is important to note that all the chapters of the original version of the novel are already available on the platform. The version of Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, which may have cuts and reprints, has the day’s chapter added to the catalog after the television airing.

The original chapters of the novel entered the catalog about 1 year ago, watch the video:

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