The murder of Eric’s wife (Mateus Solano) remains an open question for investigators in Claudia Souto’s serial, and Reginaldo Faria’s character is the suspect at the time. As it will take a while for the seven o’clock rerun to reveal this mystery, how about already stating who Athaíde is in the soap opera Pega Pega and whether he is the criminal responsible for the death of Mirella (Marina Rigueira).

Who is Athaíde in the soap opera Pega Pega

Father of Maria Pia (Mariana Santos), Athaíde is married to Ligia (Angela Vieira) and is a retired judge. The man is the best friend of Pedrinho (Marcos Caruso), for whom his wife has a great passion, and hides many rotten things.

Despite pretending to be righteous, Athaíde is involved in crimes in the soap opera Pega Pega, including the death of Eric’s wife. At the end of the serial, he makes a great escape alongside his wife, but is caught by the police when he was about to take off with a private plane and escape to a hideout.

Athaíde was introduced to the public right at the beginning of the soap opera Pega Pega, but the character was not present in all chapters of the plot. It appeared in 156 of the 184 chapters the serial had in total.

Husband and wife cover up crime in soap opera – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

Athaide killed Mirella?

Reginaldo Faria’s character is not Mirella’s killer, but he knows who killed the girl. Who really was responsible for the death of Mirella is the wife of Athaíde in the soap opera Pega Pega, Ligia. The woman cut the brakes on Bebeth’s mother’s car, who later ended up in an accident and died.

However, the woman had no intention of hurting her. Ligia’s plans were to reach Sabine, her rival and who aroused jealousy in Ligia because of Pedrinho. However, Sabine and Mirella’s cars were similar and were parked in the same place, so Ligia ended up getting confused.

What was Athaíde involved in the death of Eric’s wife in the soap opera Pega Pega? After she saw Mirella’s accident, Ligia called her husband and told her what she had done. The man then decided to act and altered the evidence of the crime, thus getting the woman out of jail.

To the police, after everything was discovered, Faria’s character told that he did everything for Ligia because he loved her, even though he knew that his wife didn’t love him back. Athaíde is arrested at the end of the soap opera Pega Pega, but manages to improve his situation by signing a plea bargain agreement that delivers judges who participate in a scheme to sell sentences.

mirella's accident
Woman died on the road – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

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