Sandra, en First Dates /

El love restaurant of ‘First Dates‘, the Program from other from Four, I received this Tuesday a visit from Sandra (20 years) and Marcos (25), two young people who left himcarry by passion and did not hesitate is to be sincere in the most intimate subjects.

The meeting began with a question from Sandra a Marcos. “How often do you like to have sex?“. Marcos, surprised by the question, he replied: “A lot, I once a day at least“.

But Sandra did not hesitate to cut him off and replied: “Solo? “It was then that Marcos He stretched back in his seat delighted with Sandra’s question..

Sandra, en First Dates /Four

“I like it a lot, at least sex must be 70 percent of a relationship“, assured Marcos. Sandra started to get nervous and blurted out:”Ugh, I’m getting hot“.

The sincerity of Marcos

Sandra then asked Marcos another question: “What turns you on the most?“And the young man was completely sincere:” What do you do to me? It’s a little weird but I love my ass. It is a fantasy and lto all men, whatever they say“.

Marcos, en First Dates /

Marcos, en First Dates /Four

And continued: “It’s wonderful and, if you haven’t tried it, please …“Shortly after alone before the cameras of ‘First Dates’ he continued:” I I appeal to men and I tell them that ass, s. That you are not less of a man because you like him ass. It is the best of the world“.

Sandra reaccion as: “I like people pulled forward in every way“Then, alone with the cameras of the program, he affirmed:”My father, when i see this, gets up and leaves. I think he doesn’t look at me for a month“.

Sandra, en First Dates /

Sandra, en First Dates /Four

The next question Sandra asked Marcos was “what are your sexual talents“. Marcos had no qualms about saying:” I like to make myself, see how the other person enjoys, it is a real disease“.

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