First official catharsis after the defeat: what Alberto's meeting with the mayors left.

Tell me how you see it and where to go. I want to listen to you ”, he said Alberto Fernandez in the first meeting with mayors of the suburbs after the hard defeat suffered by the Front of All in the province of Buenos Aires. They all agreed that the announced reactivation did not arrive and that in these two months you have to inject silver into people’s pockets. The economy is the target and with it Martin Guzman be the one again most questioned minister.

There was no naming. But everything points to the economy. The holder of the Chamber, Sergio Massa and the head of the block of Deputies, Maximum Kirchner they were in charge of doing the initial analysis. The prices, that people can eat with a salary that beats inflation and that he has money to go to consumption were the objectives set.

There are no major self-criticisms beyond the economy. The Kirchnerism does not say anything about its judicial advances or manners that they could once again bother an electorate that believed in moderation, nor the massismo of the loss of its electorate, which it did not attend.

Summit meeting in Olivos: Máximo Kirchner’s ultimatum to Alberto Fernández

In evaluating the results, the main leaders recognized that there was a certain anguish in the electorate but they never believed that it would lead to a 4.35% defeat. All the predictions they had made them think that this malaise would lead them to have a tight election, but not a defeat.

The mayors reported the critical economic situation in their districts and only one was out of the script. As he was able to reconstruct PROFILE, the district chief of Ensenada, Mario Secco, spoke of changes. He referred to the cabinet but not only to the national, also to the governor Axel Kicillof. He asked to be quick to reflexes and make the decisions that have to be made.

The President assures that there will be no changes within his team but said that he is willing to do what he has to do. “I’m not for half measures”, He expressed.

The Front of All after the defeat: the economy as the culprit and an unchanged cabinet

The objective is to look for the votes of the citizens who did not accompany them, they were He asked to go out to the military. They all look at each other with distrust. The ballot cut it is always a reason for a fight between the national difference and the mayors who bet to preserve the number in their districts beyond the election of the national deputies.

The barbecue was at Almirante Brown and was hosted by its mayor, Mariano Cascallares. The candidate for national deputy was also there, Victoria Tolosa Paz; and the officials Santiago Cafiero (chief of staff), Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro (Interior), Gabriel Katopodis (Public Works), Matias Kulfas (Productive development), Jorge Ferraresi (Territorial development). The former mayor of Avellaneda was the sole cabinet speaker, more because of his role as former mayor of the third electoral section than because of his current position.

The communal chiefs who attended were Mayra mendoza (Quilmes), Nicolás Mantegazza (Saint Vincent), Marisa Fassi (Cañuelas), Alejandro Granados (Ezeiza), Andres Watson (Florencio Varela), Mario Secco (Ensenada), Fabián Cagliardi (Berisso), and Hernan Yzurieta (Punta Indio).


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