Five dead dogs and another 25 sick with pneumonia is the balance so far of the floods that occur when it rains in the Ecoportal Dominicano refuge, located in the Los Mañones La Victoria sector, Santo Domingo Norte, after the repair work of the streets of the community will affect the outlet of the water from the center.

The shelter is home to 85 dogs and 35 cats, which run the risk of drowning in the event of a storm in this cyclonic season that ends in two months, informed Guillermina Selman, Ecoportal’s communication manager.


Some of the dogs huddled in a place that is not flooded by the rains at Ecoportal Dominicana. External source.

Selman explains that the houses near the shelter are also flooded because the streets are being built and the houses are being built, which prevents the water from flowing and flooding all the grounds.

“Letters have been delivered, calls have been made, and visits have been made explaining the great problem caused by a bad job done making the streets of the community of La Victoria, by blocking the drains and the entrance to the Refuge where there are 125 animals rescued from the streets” Selman complains.

He says that from the Ministry of Public Works they have verified the problem that affects the center, “but they do not take any action to resolve what they themselves have caused.”

Guillermina Selman affirms that Public Works responds to them that the equipment they have to make a filter well is damaged.

He maintains that they are in total helplessness because neither the mayor of the Municipal Board, Miguel Saviñon (the Gringo) has approached them to help them, despite the efforts made by the organization to see him.

Together with Vanesa Moya Hernández, Selman runs the shelter that is supported by both women’s own resources and with the little help they receive from some animal-loving people.

Dominican Ecoportal, in addition to housing street animals, in alliance with the Movement of Equitation vaccinates and worms those of the entire community and offers talks to children on responsible pet ownership, and awards prizes to rescuers.

It is regretted that the neglect of Public Works and Mayor Saviñon confirms that the Dominican State does not pay attention to animals “as if their lives were not worth it” and in violation of Law 248-12 on Animal Protection.

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