Five northeastern illustrators to follow on Instagram

Illustration has the power to carry different meanings in a single image and it is on the biggest photo social network today that some artists share their creative works.

Between drawings and collages, with varied messages to reflect and inspire, discover 5 profiles of Northeastern illustrators who make art for book covers, walls, decorations, streets and much more. Meet and make your feed more inspiring.

1. Juliana Pina | @juliana_pina

Juliana Pina, 22, is an artist from Bahia who produces illustrations, lettering, collages and manual creations. The illustrator uses her creations to address current and relevant topics such as female empowerment and social issues.

Mainly in the collages, the artist presents imagery poetry by creating metaphors with universes that are emerging from within or that surround a certain character. The same happens in the illustrations in which she follows the line full of symbologies, with flowers, for example, representing strength.

She graduated in 2018 from the Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts at UFBA (Federal University of Bahia), but has been sharing her work on social media since 2012 and is still very active promoting her arts on the internet. In her Instagram it is possible to follow the new projects, backstage of her creations, creative and cultural tips.

Juliana also works with custom artwork. Anyone interested can contact the artist by email.

2. Nila Carneiro | @nila_carneiro

Born in Feira de Santana and resident in Salvador, Nila Carneiro, 34, is a visual artist, graduated in Graphic Design from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Bahia and also works as a graffiti artist, designer and illustrator.

Influenced by the work of several black artists from different languages, Nila’s creations play with metaphors in the midst of more literal tones, in which she addresses the representation of the feminine in its various aspects. In the poetics of her productions, there is always the reinforcement of the need for women to occupy public spaces.
Among some of his street art are the murals Mulher – Natureza Selvagem, at the Women’s Hospital (Largo de Roma), and Águas Fluviais, at Nova Concha Acústica (Campo Grande). In 2013, she had one of her works published in Calendar of Tales, being a finalist in the Latin American Illustration Award 2013 in Palermo. Nila’s budget with possible prices is varied and depends on the size of the work in question.

3. Tami Martins | @tamimartinsss

Tami Martins, 28, came directly from Amapá to Bahia, where she has lived for just over a month. The artist left her job as a design teacher and decided to immerse herself in the charms of the land of palm oil: “I came to do urban art, write scripts…” But Tami’s projects in Salvador do not stop there. With animated illustrations, she has created and directed the short film for the Solitude Animação project, which is from Amapá. In addition, she was recently invited to animate, along with a team, the illustrations by artist Duardo Costa, which will be at the launch show for the new album by Bahian singer Larissa Luz.

In the main themes of Tami’s works are nature serving as a metaphor for growth (with flowers, for example), urban life and female empowerment. “Whether it’s mural art or graffiti, these are jobs that demand a lot from the physical. Sometimes spending a lot of time in the sun, or going up and down scaffolding and stairs”, explains the artist, showing the diverse feminine forces of the area. “So I usually charge a price that values ​​the time dedicated to this process. I would never charge less than R$1,500 for any painting,” she concludes.

4. Jamila Lima | @_jamilalima

Jamila Lima, 32, is an artist from Recife who uses the watercolor technique in her illustrations and addresses themes such as self-knowledge, the universe and nature. All the details appear in poetically formulated tones and messages, using the city or the flowers as a metaphor for the inner house, for example.

On her social network, she shares with her followers her new projects and the creation processes of her productions – always with provocative captions that complement the reflections exposed in her creations.

In addition to sharing her work on social media, Jamilia also shares her knowledge by teaching basic drawing and watercolor techniques at Nova Acrópole Recife.

5. Rebeca Silva | @rbecasilva

Graduated in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts – UFBA, Rebeca Silva, 32, had contact with artists and techniques until she found her favorite: watercolor. But the artist is not limited between materials and likes to explore their possibilities according to the needs of her project. Among them are illustrations for children’s books and murals.

Among the themes he most likes to represent are people, flowers and vegetation, forming symbolisms about being reborn (among other metaphors). Urban everyday life also emerges as critical art. In his social network, it is possible to follow his new projects and creations.

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