Matrix Resurrections

With the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, the first trailer for Matrix Resurrections triggered nostalgic feelings. Neo and Trinity will finally be back on the big screen in December. The fourth part of the science fiction series differs in one point but huge from its predecessors: The look is completely different.

The first Matrix film with Keanu Reeves in the 4K version

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The very first picture of the trailer earned derisive reactions on the Internet. You can see it San Francisco skyline

– in the background the skyscrapers, in the foreground an idyllic street. But that is exactly the problem. This picture looks way too idyllic. Or to put it in other words: too artificial. It could be taken straight from a simulation game like The Sims.

Why does Matrix Resurrections look like this? We have collected five reasons.

Reason 1: The matrix has not yet been switched off

The return of an artificial world in the Matrix universe should not be surprising: At the end of the third part there is peace, but that does not mean that all people who have previously lived in the Matrix have returned to the real world. On the contrary: The virtual world is rebooted (we are in version 7.0) and everyone can choose whether to leave the matrix or not.

Matrix Resurrections

The colors of the sunrise, which determine the last minutes of Matrix Revolutions, are almost identical to those that give the new part its fake character. You can Programming and the code formally recognize. We’re walking through a computer game in which not even the NPCs (non-playable characters) have woken up. An empty beauty shines before our eyes.

Reason 2: We are not in the, but in a matrix

Whether the original trilogy really ends with a happy ending is debatable. Not only do we learn that there have already been several versions of the matrix and that certain events in the world are repeated over and over again. Self the architect doubtswhether the peace between humans and machines lasts forever, to which the oracle replies: “As long as possible.” That time could be over by now.

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Perhaps we are now in version 8.0 or a completely different matrix that exists in parallel – be it as a prison or an experiment. The official Twitter account of Matrix Resurrections indicated with a cryptic tweet that the new version of the Matrix specially created for the chosen one became. Perhaps this applied idyll is intended to deliberately block out Neo’s memory of the past.

Reason 3: Matrix has two new cameramen

The first three Matrix films were style-defining. Starting with the use of bullet time up to the cool outfits of the characters. Matrix has a unmistakable imagery

– and that goes back to a large extent to the work of cameraman Bill Pope. From the sequels he was disappointed, however, so that the paths between Pope and the Wachowski sisters parted.

Matrix Resurrections

Director Lana Wachowski has signed up for Matrix Resurrections two cameramen with whom she has worked before: John Toll and Daniele Massaccesi. Both were in the creation of Cloud Atlas – Everything is connected and Sense8 was involved. Toll also worked on Jupiter Ascending. This behind-the-scenes shift could definitely add to the new Matrix look.

Reason 4: Matrix exchanges film material for digital images

If we take a look behind the scenes, then it’s not only the camera team that is interesting, but also the material used. The first three Matrix films were made shot on 35mm film. Despite the remarkable special effects and the idea of ​​a virtual world, they always had a rough character. However, there is no trace of the texture of the film grain to be found in the Matrix Resurrection trailer.

Matrix Resurrections

There is a specific reason for this: Lana Wachowski switched to digital cameras for the sequel. The analog look can now be reproduced more and more easily with these. Lana Wachowski seems to be following the style that she has acquired while working on Jupiter Ascending and Sense8. In the context of a simulation like the Matrix, the smooth, razor-sharp images make perfect sense.

Reason 5: Artificiality is a narrative medium

The look of Matrix Resurrections can be explained from different angles. On the one hand, the plot itself offers numerous reasons why the world looks so unreal. On the other hand, in a film production it is always interesting who is leading it and by what means it is implemented. One thing seems certain in any case with Matrix Resurrections: The exhibited artificiality is not arbitrary.

Matrix Resurrections

Last but not least, the trailer suggests another breakout from the matrix. Such an event can be portrayed much more impressively on a cinematic level if with different styles and contrasts is being worked on. You will remember the greenish color filter in the predecessors, which turned life in the matrix into a feverish dream. We can be curious what part 4 comes up with.

Matrix Resurrections startet am December 23, 2021 in the cinema.

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