Five underestimated success factors for 2022

Many people would like to know which factors make them successful. The simple formula success equals making a lot of money seems out of date anyway. Doing what is really fun and feeling a deeper sense of purpose, that is the definition of success in the new world of work. Earning an income that enables a good life is the tip of the iceberg.

What’s the formula for success?

And what is this much sought-after formula for success? Knowledge and hard work, say some. Right decisions and a lot of luck, say the others. Rich Diviney believes neither one nor the other. As a former commander of the Navy Seals, he found that it was often those people who initially seemed to have little to say in favor of a career in the elite unit, who later developed into top performers and performed extraordinary. “On the other hand, apparently highly qualified applicants could, surprisingly, often not meet the expectations at all,” he writes in his book “The Attributes of Success”, in which he summarizes the 25 decisive factors and characteristics in compact chapters, which, according to him, are better than any acquired Qualifications would show who is really suitable for a task.

Which attributes are involved and how each individual can optimize and adapt them – we have read the book and are presenting a selection from it.

Be adaptable

Our lives and their circumstances are constantly changing. Sometimes it happens slowly, sometimes in an instant. On some days, metaphorically speaking, we are hit with a right hook, on other days these changes are just small blows. “But whatever it is, do it like the frog, so you can often get ahead better and faster,” recommends Diviney. With the exception of Antarctica, frogs have adapted to the environment on every continent, from low-lying deserts to high mountain slopes. In some situations, it can also be important for us to go with the flow without getting out of hand. The next time life goes roller coaster with you, think of the frogs.

Stop multitasking

Most people think they can multitask. “The idea of ​​making calls, answering e-mails, and tidying up the office at the same time is tempting, but cognitively impossible,” says Diviney. What we can do, however, is to switch between tasks effectively. The key to this: conscious decisions. If you tend to start many different things, your focus should be on finishing one of them before starting the next. If the opposite is the case, if you focus too much on a project at the expense of other obligations, you force yourself to turn away and move on to something else. A good average leads to success.

Be able to learn

We humans are capable of learning from the ground up. The fact that you understand this sentence shows that you have learned to read. “As an attribute, the ability to learn is to be understood somewhat differently,” says Diviney. In this sense, it is a measured value for how quickly an individual can absorb, process and integrate new information in his cognitive system. People can do this differently. This is why it is important to be honest with yourself and find out where you are on the learning ability scale. For example, you know that it generally takes you more time than anyone else to memorize a poem. The fact that you have realized this gives you the opportunity to act on it. In this way you can plan additional time to practice before the performance.

Make a decisive decision

Determination is the ability to make clear and timely decisions. The last criterion in particular, timeliness, distinguishes someone with a high degree of determination from someone who only makes solid decisions. It’s easy to be determined when it comes to making safe decisions, where you have all the information and little at stake. It is more difficult when the circumstances are unknown and fluid and the stakes are high. “In such cases it is extremely helpful to know and to be aware of your mission, your values ​​and your goal,” writes Diviney. And be careful not to make too many decisions in a short period of time. “That can make you tired of making decisions in the long run.”

Show your humor

Humor is a powerful quality. The ability to laugh, to find a touch of comedy in the tragic or challenging, can be calming, comforting, empowering, and encouraging. Humor is also a decisive factor in a team. “Because a team is successful when it sticks together closely. And laughter strengthens the bond between the members, ”says Diviney. In any case, he had never seen a high-performing team in any area – from business teams to sports teams to married couples and families – that was not based on humor. “Maybe just one is the primary class clown. But the bottom line is they all know how to laugh, and that improves your performance, ”he writes.

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