Flanders remains orange, Brussels and Wallonia still red...

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The color codes of Belgium on the European corona map have not changed compared to last week. The situation in our neighboring countries, with the exception of some parts of France, remains the same.

Michael TemmermanSource: BELGIAN

Today at 12:45

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) publishes a European color-coded map every Thursday. The colors (green, orange, red, dark red) are based on the average number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants, measured over the last two weeks.

A country or region turns red in two cases: when the infection rate per 100,000 inhabitants fluctuates between 75 and 200 for a period of fourteen days with a positivity ratio (positive tests out of 100) higher than 4 percent or when the infection rate is higher than 200, regardless of the positivity ratio.

Flanders remains orange, Brussels and Wallonia are still red, just like last week. The situation in our neighboring countries also changes little. The Netherlands remains orange, Germany completely red. Only in France did the Grand-Est, Centre-Val-De-Loire and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions turn from orange to green, the region around the capital Paris will remain orange.


In Spain, the situation has also improved somewhat and certain areas in the center of the country are turning orange again. Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and most of Slovakia remain dark red. Finland and a large part of northern Norway have also turned red since this week.

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