Giulia Costa, daughter of Flávia Alessandra
Giulia Costa, daughter of Flávia Alessandra (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Giulia Costa, daughter of actress Flávia Alessandra, stirred the imagination of followers and received several compliments on Instagram when she shared a record of only a micro bikini.

In the publication, the cat appeared enjoying a walk in nature. With a stylish bikini, the actress performed several devastating poses, highlighting her big tanned buttocks.

“Surrounded by nature,” she wrote in English, which literally translates to: “surrounded by nature“. The sequence of photos yielded more than 25 thousand likes for the beauty.

“you are so beautiful that when you were born your mother didn’t just give you birth, she gave you the company of all energy”, joked a follower.

“Beautiful thing”, “Perfect”, “so pretty and perfect! I love ❤️”, “best thing😍 I love you!!!”, “Wonderful…. Special moments like this is very good“, were other comments left by internet users.

miss message

A few days ago Giulia Costa used her Instagram profile to lament the classic end of teen soap opera fitness, which ended up taking many people by surprise. The artist, who has already participated in one of the production’s seasons, spoke of the feeling of longing.

To remember her story with her first work on Globo’s small screen, Giulia gathered some images that marked your career, such as scenes from the soap opera and backstage photos with colleagues.

“I read this week that Malhação had come to an end. And it really is the “end of an era”, in his 20s I was there “Your place in the world” finding one of my places in the world. A mix of feelings came over me”.

Giulia continued talking about the affection she had for having gone through Malhação and highlighted how much the work was important for her maturation process., despite the opportunity having come at a troubled time in his life.

“Happy to have been a part of it, sad as everything good is when it’s over, and gratitude. Lívia is always strong and already very mature, even for her age, our age at the time, 15 years old. I remember how crazy it was and how I did it with pleasure: college entrance exams, recording workouts and doing “Adolescent Confessions”. It was a matter of chemistry, physics with a text by Lívia, everything together in the head and he loved it. I miss you💛”.

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