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A fair and proportional remuneration for their work, that is what Flemish artists demand with the “Fairpayvoorartiesten” campaign. Major online platforms do not pay artists in proportion to the income they receive from music and audiovisual streaming services, says PlayRight, the company that manages artist rights in Belgium. Artists Michaël Pas, Roel Vanderstukken and Marleen Merckx are behind the action.

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“For example, for an actor who is in a movie, it doesn’t matter whether that movie is streamed 100 or 100,000 times,” PlayRight says. The compensation should be fixed in the system of artistic neighboring rights, it sounds like. If the recording is distributed, broadcast or copied, the artist is then entitled to compensation. However, in practice this is not often the case.

With an online petition, the organization wants to send a clear signal to policymakers. The theme will be placed on the agenda of the federal parliament in the autumn. After the approval of Europe in 2019, Belgium was supposed to apply the copyright guidelines in its legislation. PlayRight is monitoring the implementation process and hopes that this will ensure fair artist compensation.

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