Flemish media minister Dalle not reassured after talks


Flemish media minister Benjamin Dalle had a conversation with the makers of the vtm program ‘Ik wil een kind’. There has been a lot of commotion about that program in the past week. “I have expressed my concerns and asked to focus on the children’s rights perspective. We’ll see what it brings, but I’m not quite sure yet.” That is what Minister Dalle said in the Flemish Parliament.

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About the VTM program ‘I want a child’ quite a bit of ink has been spilled over the past few days. In the program, Dina Tersago is looking for intended parents who opt for conscious co-parenting. This is a non-traditional family form in which two or more people agree to bring and raise a child together, without there being a romantic relationship.

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The program makers and the channel have received criticism from all kinds of angles in recent days, including from a political angle. That criticism was repeated throughout the Flemish Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

Dalle: “Ethical boundaries overridden”

Media minister Benjamin Dalle also reiterated that he was “seriously concerned” about the program. According to him, “ethical boundaries” are crossed with the plans. “Having a child is different from buying a house or looking for a partner. In other programs (such as Blind Bought or Blind Married, ed.) Do you have adults giving their consent. This is an unborn child who cannot give his consent,” said Dalle.

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In the meantime, the media minister has had a conversation with the makers and the station. “I have expressed my concerns in that. I have also asked to focus on the children’s rights perspective and to involve the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child. We’ll see what it gives, but I’m not quite sure yet, I have to admit.” According to Dalle, whether the program is a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child is “not so clear”, partly because it concerns children who have not yet been born.

According to the minister, the program cannot be banned or censored. “It is not up to the media minister to approve or ban a television program. I can not do that. But just because it isn’t prohibited doesn’t mean it’s ethical,” Dalle said.

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