Flor Gil talks about enjoying Carnival in Salvador at age 14

At just 14 years old, Bela Gil’s daughter, Flor Gil, has been having fun at Salvador’s carnival. The already singer performed with Vitão at Expresso 2222, threw herself into the Bloco Coruja commanded by Ivete Sangalo and has ventured into other parades.

“It’s been great to enjoy this lap this year. It was long awaited by so many, I’m very happy and sad that it’s already over. I’m already looking forward to next year too.”said to iBahia.

Margareth Menezes and Gilberto Gil were applauded at a show at Expresso 2222 that took place last Friday (18). To the sound of the song that bears the name of the cabin, the artists livened up the space, which was full of celebrities and special guests.

About the special moment, Flor pointed out: “I was very happy at that moment, to see my grandfather on stage […] To see that everything is working out. Is too good”. See the video below:

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